How do I purchase tickets?
You can buy tickets through our website (and have them e-mailed to you), or you can purchase tickets from our cashier at 14 Anson Street.

Do I need reservations?
We don’t take reservations for individuals or small groups. Our tours leave steadily throughout the day (every 15–20 minutes DST; 20–30 minutes EST) on a first-come, first-served basis. Come to our stable at 14 Anson to check in for the next available tour. (Groups of 17 people or more should call our Group Sales Coordinator at (843) 723-9712. Discount rates are available to groups.)

What are your hours of operation?Weather permitting, we are open daily except Christmas Day.
Mar–Dec 9am–5pm DST (4pm EST);
Jan–Feb 10am–4pm

Where do tours depart?
Carriages board and depart from our stable at 14 Anson Street (one block north of the City Market). Our stable provides protection from the elements while you wait.

How long does the tour last?
Our residential tour lasts about an hour.

Is the tour narrated?
Yes. Our tours are narrated by a licensed guide.

A person in our party has physical limitations. Is boarding the carriage difficult?
Our ramp and easy loading platform facilitate boarding. We make every effort to accommodate guests with special needs.

How many people do your carriages seat?
Our surrey-style carriages seat 16 passengers.

What will I see on the historical residential tour?
The tour covers about 30 blocks and 300+ years of history. Your guide will point out churches, gardens, homes, architecture, and other points of interest along the way.

How many tour routes are there?
The City disperses the carriage traffic among three different routes.

Can I choose which route I want?
No. Your route is randomly assigned by a City official after your carriage departs from the barn. All carriage companies are governed by the same system.

Should I tip my guide?
Tipping is at your discretion, but tips are appreciated.

Is parking available?
There are multiple parking garages and lots near the City Market. You can also park at the Visitor’s Center and ride the free Downtown Area Shuttle (DASH) to the Market.

Can I buy a drink or snacks at your location?
You can purchase bottled water before or after your tour. (We donate 25 cents of each bottle of water sold to Water Missions International.) A snack machine is available in our ticket office at 2 Anson St.

Do you have restrooms?
Yes. A restroom is available at 14 Anson where tours depart and return.

Is there a place to store my baby stroller?
Yes. Strollers can be left in our stable while you’re on tour.

Are your tours guaranteed?
Yes. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, after taking our tour, you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund the price of your ticket.

Do you tour in the rain?
Yes, but not in thunderstorms. If extended periods of rain are forecasted, we may close for the day. Call (843) 723-9712 if the weather is questionable.

Are you carriages covered?
Yes. The roof offers shade during sunny weather and some protection from rain–but if it’s raining hard, you will get wet.