The top three questions asked when it comes to home insurance in Florida

The most important purchase you will ever make is for your home. Due to this, it is important to have just the right amount of home insurance in Florida. That way your big investment is protected. It’s challenging for most homeowners to figure out what type of coverage they need, and what amounts as well. Did you know that the value of your home and its belongings change every year? If you do not understand what is covered in your policy, you could be left with a huge loss.

Below are the top three most asked questions when it comes to finding online home insurance in FL  for your home.

How much FL home insurance do I need?

This is one of the most common questions that insurance agents are asked according to It is also a question that is powerless to answer. A good insurance agent will be able to ask you questions to determine what the proper level of insurance coverage for your Florida home should be. Be sure to answer these questions as accurately as possible.

What are the market and replacement value?

As stated above your home’s value changes constantly. This change is due to many factors. It is also possible to increase your homes market value by making renovations and keeping up with repairs. The value may also rise and fall because of economic conditions that are out of your control. Whatever the reason for these changes, it’s very important to know the difference between market value and the replacement value. That way you will understand the differences when getting a Florida homeowners insurance quote.

Market value – is the cost it would be to buy a house just like yours in today’s market.

Replacement cost – this is the total cost it would take to completely rebuild your house if it became destroyed.

If you happen to be insured for the replacement value and the market value is much higher, you could receive an insurance payout that would allow you to purchase a new home where you currently live.

How Can I make sure my possessions are insured?

Making sure all of your precious belongings are insured is important. Any online home insurance policy will cover your possessions. However, they will not cover them at their entire replacement value.

Awesome, you now know the top 3 questions that are asked when shopping online for coverage. You are ready to start shopping at for a Florida home insurance policy!